Acton Park W3

Ref code: 15973


Well established Victorian municiple park with mature oak trees lining wide central pathways. There is a childrens play area, Crown Bowling green, hard surface tennis courts and the usual park furniture and flower beds. All in all an attractive Green flag award winning park. Also can be used as a unit base for productions up to large TV drama/Feature film size. Unit facility trucks and trailers park on the main wide central pathway which runs up to Churchfields Rd. Note crew cars are not permitted in the park . Instead there are 29 bays on East Acton Lane and Churchfields Rd East which can be suspended for crew parking.

Access: Frome either Acton Vale or Churchfield Rd East

Restrictions: 5mph vehicle movement in park and hazard lights displayed at all times. Park gates to be supervised by designated film crew security at all times when unit vehicles are present on site.