Threesome revolves about three inseparable friends on the verge of turning thirty – Alice, her boyfriend Mitch, and their gay best mate Richie. The trio live together and after one particularly big night out, they have an unplanned threesome – which results in Alice getting pregnant. Rather than splitting up, they decide to raise their baby as a threesome.

Soon it’s all ante-natal classes, baby showers and herbal tea. But it’s still possible to have fun when you’re a grown up… isn’t it?

Threesome will be filming in and around The Avenue W13 in May. The scenes in Ealing, without giving too much away, involve a mobility scooter crashing into a stationary car and a bus getting stuck behind mobility scooter in the middle of the road. More temporary traffic control used for that…. What that’s got to do with three people raising a baby we’ll have to find out when it’s on tv later this year…