We offer a one-stop service to help you with your location and general production requirements including location finding; private residential properties as well as industrial / commercial properties, arrange your parking, advise on traffic control measures, arrange wet downs and advise on Health & Safety.



Profile: Ewan Willmott – Film Officer at West London Film Office


Clients include: Paramount, Studiocanal, Working Title, BBC Films, C4, Objective Productions, Wall To Wall, Talkback Thames.


Film Officer with 16 years of experience working with high-level clients to find locations fitting each creative brief. With experience of freelance location managing, assisting and scouting on several adverts (Samsung, Walls, Coca Cola) Ewan has a rounded knowledge of what film office clients need and how to negotiate to achieve the best results while maintaining a realistic approach and an eye for detail.


Ewan is able to work strategically across a wide range of contacts, bringing them together so that complex film locations are made viable.


Ewan is diplomatic and approachable. He can develop and maintain contacts so that future filming at our locations is looked on positively. He is able to communicate clearly and takes an inclusive approach so that all parties work together to making film locations happen whilst making sure the creative brief is upheld in detail.