This Code of Practice applies to all forms of production (including feature films, television, commercials, drama documentaries, music videos, idents, stills shoots, student and short film crews) shot on location in public places in London which are likely to, or have the potential to, cause disruption to normal activity. In practice small on-street location shoots (three people or less) may not need to adhere to all aspects of the Code at all times and it is not intended for news crews.

The aims of the Code are to ensure that:

  •  The industry can film effectively, efficiently and flexibly in London
  • All involved in location filming act responsibly, professionally and considerately at all times
  • The practical impact of filming on people and businesses within London is minimised.

Through a combination of all the above, the long-term sustainability of filming in London is secured. This Code complements the production guidelines of the UK broadcasters which will in any event prevail. This Code details the principles of best practice to which the signatories agree to adhere. It has been developed by film industry professionals in consultation with Borough Film Services and representatives of key organisations to help to promote filming in London.

By joining the Partnership, signatories agree to support their production team to help them to work within the guidelines, to comply with all statutory regulations and to use methods that conform to best practice. Filming procedures which involve statutory obligations are indicated with a †. Details of the main relevant statutory obligations are set out separately in the Annexe. Productions are urged to read the Code and relevant obligations closely to ensure that they operate within the law. The Code shall be reviewed and updated annually by Film London.

This current draft was updated and approved in May 2009.

Please Note: Although this Code is comprehensive, it cannot cover every eventuality and each production should consult their legal counsel or other advisors in relation to individual concerns. Any queries regarding this Code should be addressed to:

To download the full Partnership Agreement, click here.