How to take a good photo


Hold the camera steady. You could use a tripod or a monopod if you have one. If not, just hold it a steadily as you can. Please make sure they are in focus.


All shots should be landscape please, since that’s how images appear on screen.


Images on the digital camera should be medium or large. We only accept digital images I’m afraid.


Take a least 2 photos of each room, one each from opposite corners. If it’s a larger house, take pics from all four corners of the bigger rooms. If it’s a business, just apply the same idea to all the rooms there.


Take some closer images of any exceptional features.


Ideally take the front exterior first, then move onto the main interior rooms (hall, living room, kitchen, bedrooms etc), followed by rear exteriors and the garden if there is one.


Photograph interiors in daylight and without the flash. Images with daylight most accurately reflect what the eye can see.


While snow can look atmospheric, it’s very likely that’s not what the director wants for their scene, so please take your pics without any.


For a smaller house take a max of 20 images. If it’s a little larger take up to 30.