Code of Practise

The Code of Practice for Location Filming in London was developed to provide filmmakers with all you need to know to ensure a smooth running shoot in the city. It is a voluntary agreement that aims to ensure:

  • The industry can film effectively, efficiently and flexibly in London
  • All involved in location filming act responsibly, professionally and considerately at all times
  • The practical impact of filming on people and businesses within London is minimised.

It also outlines statutory requirements for filmmakers in London.

Download the Code of Practice

The Code of Practice and the London Filming Partnership

From local boroughs to private companies, transport facilities to Royal Parks, the London Filming Partnership (LFP) brings together everyone involved in enabling filmmaking in the city to make the process as easy as possible. Together, we support over one thousand film, television and advertisement projects in the city every year.


The Code of Practice for Filming in London compliments this partnership and by becoming a member, Partners are agreeing to honour the code and to support productions to abide by it.


The Code is regularly reviewed by the Film London Executive Task Force, chaired by Lord Puttnam, and updated to reflect the experience of filming on the ground.


If you have any queries regarding the Code of Practice, please email: