Partnership Agreement

This agreement constitutes a partnership between the moving image production industry and all public and private sector stakeholders affected by location filming in London, including those representing London’s citizens.


All signatories are expected to work within the letter and spirit of this document and the Code of Practice and to abide by agreed best practice in these texts. This is in addition to the statutory obligations which apply to all filmmaking activity.


The partnership is designed to demonstrate that London is a film-friendly city. This means ensuring that London is a place where location filming can be conducted efficiently and successfully thereby delivering the significant economic benefits associated with filming (including local employment and tourism) while also being sensitive to the needs of those who live and work in London.


The partnership will ensure that London’s citizens enjoy the economic benefits of filming in London while minimising inconvenience to them.


In signing this document we recognise the importance of the moving pictures industries to London and we agree to use our best efforts to abide by and maintain its terms.


For more information please visit the Film London website here