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Filming update

WLFO is now accepting filming enquires for Ealing. Approval of shoots is dependent on productions following the new COVID-19 guidance for location filming in London which is produced by Film London and acts as an annex to their standard code of practise


In view of the Department for Culture Media and Sport announcing that the film industry can return to work, Ealing Council are studying the guidance and will update on how this will be possible within the borough in the coming days.

New council flats

We have some new council flats in Alnmouth Court on Fleming Rd, Greenford UB1 ready to be filmed. They’re maisonettes over two floors so plenty of room to move and keep equipment. To see more images go to ref code 8529 in the Find A Location section.

Motherland into its second series

Motherland is well into its second series, much of which was filmed in Ealing. The series is well worth a watch based on the writing team alone, with Sharon Horgan (Catastrophe) and Graham Linehan (Father Ted) lending their not inconsiderable talents. The main character Julia, played by Anna Maxwell Martin, has her house set on a location in Acton. Watch out for a dramatic Halloween party night there! The school where the mum’s (and one dad) collect their kids is in that neck of the woods too.

The Capture

The Capture was broadcast recently on the BBC and filmed plenty of scenes around Ealing. Watch out for parts of Greenford, Acton, Hanwell and West Ealing all making an appearances on screen after the crew worked with WLFO to set things up.

Barwick House

Barwick House is a classic 60s council block with external walkways and amazing views into central London. The latest news is that it’s available for filming up until at least February next year. We’ve got some empty flats we can offer up for any interior scenes too.

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